Friday, June 4, 2010

Which came first? the chicken or the CHICKEN FARMER!!!

Oh my gosh.  What fun!!  Raising chickens in the back yard.  So, what came first… the chicken farmer or the chicken??
most likely the backyard came first!!

Meet the Casey family, urban chicken farmers (along with other various callings!) from the inner city of Traverse City, Michigan.  They aren't your typical chicken farmers, since this is somewhat of an experiment for the young family who has taken to loving and naming the chickens such affectionate names as "Butter", "Sweetheart" and "Owlie".  But their flock (i mean progeny) is delightfully diverse, a very progressive notion for the contemporary urban farmer.  And don't be mistaken, these chickens are loved.  They have the best coop, the best compost and more freedom than "ButterBall" from Pilgrims Pride could ever imagine!  I don't think that these gals will ever end up on somebody's plate. I hope not.  They are individuals... with their own personalities... i mean chickenalities...

What's going on??? What does this all mean?

Welcome to 2010 and the new Michigan economy!  
Where else could you live on an urban farm inside the city limit???  
(answer; Detroit)
Maybe the Casey family is setting a new trend or maybe Traverse City is just a small step behind Detroit.  In any event, urban farms are springing up all over Michigan and the country. The notion to return to our roots and to live more sustainably entices us.  We're tempted to grow our own herbs, gather our own eggs and even if it is on a 50x100 foot city plot, we're reconnecting. Nature beckons us. She is our faithful friend.  
It is the way forward.
To love the chickens...


  1. Butter, Mac, Cheese and little Sweetheart are all roosters...... now what?
    Thanks for coming to check out 'Le Coop De Grass', and thanks for the great pictures of the girls.

  2. I love this! The Caseys are my neighbors and I think (hope) they are going to be part of the Coop Loop next summer.
    Here is a post about this year's tour:
    Everyone should have chickens. I love my girls and their distinct personalities. Plus, I know exactly where my eggs come from.