Thursday, January 3, 2013

The End

Just like that, the puzzle project was over.

When i realized that the cat stepped onto the table and  pulled the puzzle off spilling it to the floor, i just couldn't believe it.  I knelt close to the floor and tried to pick up the pieces as carefully as i could.  To preserve the linkages.  To keep the integrity, somehow.  I retraced in my mind how this happened and how i could have prevented it.
But, i wasn't looking.  Not directly, anyway.

But it was no use.  Just like that, the puzzle spilled to the floor and it was over.

I thought about that, and i thought! What a great ending to my puzzle project blogpost.  How in an instant everything can change.  That's a great metaphor. Now you're married, now you're not.  Now you have it, now you don't.
Now you're alive, now you're not.
Whew. Big one.
But, we can all relate to that.  We all know that all too often something or someone slips away so elusively. We ruminate.  We fantasize about how it could have been different.  But, no conjuring up fantasies changes anything.

We simply have to accept the inevitable.

It's over.

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