Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Picnic at Sylvia's

what a lovely and enchanting night.
 i don't know if it was my new blue toenail polish or the garden party with queen anne chairs and wedge wood china that put me in such a lovely mood last night.

Oh, to be invited to a lovely and elegant picnic in the woods in the middle of summer... it is just a special thing...

So, we dined in quiet certitude that all was well
and then we waited for the moon to rise.

It is a special thing. To be invited to a Lewis Carrol
garden picnic and fall down into the hole and wake up
munching on cherries and lathers of blue cheese laid on blue crackers.



To be taken "away" during your experience/meal. To take leave of your sensibility. Not your senses... because your senses
are working over time, looking at this, admiring that,
savoring it all.

that is any hostess'  accomplishment...  to transport her guests
to an even lovelier place for a forest feast...and feed them
sumptuous fare.

After that sumptuous picnic dinner in the woods, i slept on cloud nine.  what a lovely dinner and lovely experience!!!

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